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Reinhard (*1950) Friedrich Wilhelm (1917-1983) Hubert Gabriel (1887-1985) Peter Anton (1854-1940)


When I was 10

My father 
WILHELM (1917-1983)

My grandfather
GABRIEL (1887-1985)

My great-grandfather
PETER ANTON  (1854 -1940)

Reinhard Minnaert

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Karte BrüggeMy main interest to publish this website is to gather more informations about the MINNAERTs whereever they live.
My genealogical studies go back to the 1650s; some sources are dated even earlier, but couldn't yet be linked to the family tree. 

I am a direct descendant of GABRIEL MINNAERT (* about 1678 in Kaprijke - 14/01/1749 in Moerkerke/Flanders) and his wife PETRONELLA DIJRIX (also Dijrickx; *27/07/1682 in Middelburg/Flanders; 15/01/1736 in Moerkerke). They had 12 children.
He was married in his second marriage to JOHANNA JACOBA DE VOS (*?;??) in 1736. (another 4 children, 16 children in total). 
The fathers of Gabriel were tenants of a farm in Kaprijke which belonged to the Jesuits' monastary in Bruges.
Gabriel Minnaert died and was buried as mayor of Middelburg (near BRUGES / Belgium). His children lived for a good while nearby in Middelburg, Moerkerke, Eede and Lapscheure before spreading all over Europe, some of them went to America. 

I'm quite aware of the fact that our familyname is a patronym and by that not all the Minnaerts will be relatives. There are many of them in France ( most of them linked to Gabriel Minnaert ), in Belgium (no links up to now), Holland, Germany (all linked to) and in the USA.

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